Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Ummm...don't I know you?"

In 1 day I went from thinking I had no connections to suddenly quite a few. Allow me to explain.

First, I don't overuse the word Best Friend (BFF)(stick with me here, it all make sense in a minute). I'm lucky enough to not only have one BFF but 5. Thats right, 5...well, 6 if you include my husband. Well, it use to be 7 but one moved away - thanks a lot Lisa.... I digress.
Anyway, I truely am blessed to have so many friends and a handful that are my "sisters". So when I refer to Laura as my BFF - she is. When I refer to Michelle as my BFF - she is..you get the picture.

Moving on. As we were walking up and down the many isles of market I noticed up ahead a booth called imaginesce. I thought to myself - wait a minute, I've seen that name and logo before at my BFF's house. I told Marc I thought that was Michelle's father's business. As I walked up I saw two of her brothers. "Wait a minute.....I know you!" It was really quite crazy. Michelle didn't even say anything about her family being there. I sat next to her two brothers and snapped a photo to send to her. She was trying to put it all together....she had forgotten that they were going to market and forgot I was too. She was trying to wrap her brain around how I was with her family that lived 2,000 miles away.

Suppose you had to be there.

Isn't this dress the cutest? I commented to the women who made the pattern and dress how adorable it was. She immediately went on and on how she loves anything Laura Gunn designs. She is her favorite designer. I just enjoyed hearing her talk about another one of my BFF's. I thought to myself. Yeah, I know her.

Again, I was walking the isles and came across this booth. The same thought, "Wait a minute....I know you." This is Camille. Her and her mother Bonnie design for Moda. She also has a book out. CRAZY!! She used to live in the same town in Idaho as me and we would hang out. Small world huh?

One night my husband and I went out to dinner. Outside there was this big sign. I could barely get the words out, "Hey...thats Steph!!". I know her too. She lived in St. Louis and we went to the same church. I used to take Pilates at her house. She kicked my butt every Saturday. She actually came to visit St. Louis 3 weeks ago. I had no idea she was the model for MS. Isn't she so cute??

Michael Miller had a hug booth and on the back side there were huge boards, each one a different color combination. They were all beautiful. As I walked by and looked I noticed a perticular picture. My thought, "Wait, I know her". My very good, talented friend Trenna Travis's daughter in right in the middle of that poster. Trenna designed these for Michael Miller. She is unbelieveable with the things she can create. Shes helping me with my business logo and image. I had no idea whe was working for Michael Miller so it came as a surprise when I saw her daughter.

Maybe I was all over the place in this blog but I just thought it was pretty cool that I kept running in, or seeing people that I knew. What are the chances?

Okay, I promise I am now done talking about Quilt Market. I will move on and prepare myself for the next market in fall. Whos with me??!


  1. One day in the not so distant future you are going to have people doing that to you! :)

  2. Steph looks gorgeous. I had heard she was doing something like that.

  3. Sounds like you're in the right business!