Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bus Tour!

The bus tour was amazing!! We met some great people. Look how cute she is to have her Laura Gunn fabric?!? This was the bus from Texas. They were awesome! They were all so kind to us. I was so glad to kick the bus tour off with such fantastic women.

Here are some of those who helped make this possible. THANK YOU!!! Team Nosherie hopes that the ladies on the tour will come back soon. We'd love to meet new friends too....we are now open 6 days a week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gone Batty

Look what kit we are featuring?! Mr. and Mrs. Batty. Aren't they just adorable?! Maybe you need these two "hanging" around your house. Come in and see us!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Its time...

We are finally ready. Fabric Nosherie will be open for business on Wednesday September 21st at 10:00 am. Thank you for all of you who have stopped by. Sorry we weren't quite ready yet. A few set backs but we are now good to go! Our grand opening party will be October 1st. I will post more on that information. We have some amazing give aways. We hope that you will join us.


Fabric Nosherie Crew

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We're all alive (barely)

I have neglected my blog, true -but for good reason. See my sweet little boy? This is him on his 7th birthday a few weeks ago. Notice the nice looking cast? He had an accident and literally cut the tip of his finger off in a door. In case you didn't read the last blog I will quickly update you: We have had two surgeries, 3 doctor's visit, an infection and the re-growing tip flying through the air in one of his wrestling fits (it was like slow motion watching it happen. I sat there and said, "that was just his tip"). That has all happened in three weeks. OH, and did I mentioned we moved 3 weeks ago too??Here is what you've been waiting to see. This is the checkout "bar". I call it a bar because it will end up looking like the bar my husband put in TASTE. I think it turned out wonderful, its obviously not completed but I like it. I think the broom adds an extra nice touch...don't you think?

I don't wan to give the whole store away so I won't show you too much, just a little sneak but behind this gorgeous sewing machine you can see just how we've displayed the fabrics.

This machine was given to display in the window by the sweet, generous Meryl, owner of Dr. Jazz three doors down. They have been so incredibly kind to us these past months. If you've never eaten at Dr. Jazz you must give it a shot, especially for ice cream!
This is how we've hung the fabrics. They are railroad type ties. Pretty industrial. I like how it looks. We still have plenty to do before opening day which is....(drum roll please).....not this weekend like planned. :( sorry, too much happened and pushed me back at least a week. I will have the store "opened" for the Jazz festival on the 17th. I can't have a big open house that day because the street is closed off for the big festivities that day but if you just can't wait any longer you can come take a peek. I will update everyone on the big opener.. promise.

Don't forget, there is still time to sign up for the bus tour. I've read emails from the other shops and they have some pretty fun and amazing things planned for us. Email me if you'd like to join us!!