Friday, May 25, 2012

To Market To Market

Market was as always, crazy, busy, inspiring, tiring, exciting and of course super duper fun!  Miriam even got to come along with me and if you're not sure who Miriam is you need to come in to the shop to meet her.  She is THE best manager anyone could ever have.  Needless to say, we had a pretty good time.  I wanted to post some pictures of things that we saw and a little taste of what we'll be getting in this summer.  I hope you all like what we picked out for you!!

 These new zipper pouch patterns are from Oliver + S and are ADORABLE.  I love the that the zippers have a bone, or fish on them.  Super creative.
 Anna Maria Horner.  Yes please!
 This picture doesn't do the fabric justice but these are the coolest fabrics.  They remind me of batiks but not so much. That makes total sense, right?!?  I'm not a fan of batiks but I think this is a wonderful bridge between those who love batiks and those who don't so much.  These will be coming soon.
 And for those who think quilters are sweet, quiet ladies...think again.  This is insane!!  This is called Fabric Spree the night before market starts.  This is where there are vendors that have their fabric lower then wholesale and you grab what you can grab.  I did this once, and was scared for my life.
 Melody Miller.  I want her entire booth.  This is totally my style.  I want the couch for the shop but for some reason she wasn't willing to give it to me.  Can't imagine why....Her fabrics will be here late summer.  Not sure I can wait!
One of the things about market that is fun is the way that everyone does their booths.  Some are simple, and as shown here, some are not.  Its great to bring to life the vendor/designer/distributors personality to the show.  This was Michael Miller's booth.  They always have fun props.  Look at these elephants.  So fun!

I do have more pictures and can't wait to share those with you.  While we were there Miriam and I were so inspired and had ideas after ideas on how to make the shop a better place for you.  Things you may want to see and events that you may want to attend.  I enjoy going and learning all I can.  Believe it or not, its not all fun booths that are my favorite but its the business classes where I get the most fun.  Thank you for allowing us to be in business and for your creativity and excitement.  You all are our inspiration.