Saturday, June 2, 2012

Whats new in the shop!!

 I know, I just got out.  I mean, its been so cool lately it feels like fall, not summer but we've already got fall fabrics in. I just couldn't help myself.  Look at how playful Lizzy House's Halloween fabrics are.  I can think of at least a few things I want to make with these.  Can you?  And in case you're wondering about Holiday fabrics - the answer is yes to that, we do have some in and displayed already.  You know what they say......ummm....a little help here, I actually don't know what they say but either way, we have it in if you want a big jump start on Christmas.
 Yes, this picture is taken from Fat Quarter Shop but my picture didn't turn out so well and this is just the funnest fabric.  My favorite is the "pattern piece" square.  I love the greens and greys/browns.  Thinking about making a garment bag out of it.
These fabrics will be in by the end of the month.  This is a new least new to me.  I love all the different color options.  This is a nice substitute for batiks and we are excited to be getting 9 bolts in!

Things have been quiet around here.  Is everyone alive?!?  I sure hope're starting to worry me a little.  Hopefully with school ending and summer beginning you'll get settled and work out your calendar to have a special sewing day, just you and your machine.  Tell your kids you're in time out, lock the door and start creating. 

See you all soon!