Friday, December 30, 2011

Heaven help us.....

Yes ladies...this is the love of my life. No, not Santa...that's my dad, but the crazy guy next to the man in red. Yup...charming isn't he?? Well, this charming man will be running my shop tomorrow. And as an advance "thank you for your patience" there is a coupon for 15% off your ENTIRE purchase. You'll need to go to my website and print off the home page and bring that in for your coupon OR you could have gotten a real coupon if you are signed up to get our newsletters. Either way, come meet this goofy guy and stock up on fabric at the same time. Moving on to Christmas festivities. We had a wonderful Christmas. Santa brought us some great gifts. Max is convinced his wooden wand is real. There happened to be a dead rabbit in our front yard and he called his brothers over to the window and told them he killed the rabbit with his "abracadabra" Harry Potter spell. The boys actually believed him!! Bennett got the lego Hogwarts Castle and Harry got some gogos and a small lego set too. Bennett also received the Harry Potter book set. He is on a roll and has finished almost three books.
Santa made an apperance Christmas Eve at my step brother's home which actually was the house I grew up in with my mother and he bought it about a year ago...crazy right? Either way, it was fun. The boys loved to see santa!

Bennett had a birthday this month as well. The big 9. I'm not sure when he got so old but we love having him in our family. He has become such a great help. I love his enthusiasm for life.

I hope your holiday was wonderful. Have a safe and happy New Year.