Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilt Market Part 3

Look how excited I look?! Kind of embarassing.....but, she is my most favorite designer. Anna Maria Horner. I made a messenger bag out of her laminate fabric and I really wanted her to sign the bag. She was so kind to do that. She said once someone asked her to sign their rear end. The clothes part of the rear end. After I heard that I didn't feel nearly as awakward asking her to sign the bag.

Yes....mission accomplished!!

Isn't she gorgeous? Her booth was breathtaking as is everything that she does. I can't wait to get her new line of fabric in my shop.

One last post about market coming soon.


  1. I would have completely geeked out about meeting Anna Maria! Everything she does is just gorgeous. How lucky you are to have that experience! Just so you know, there are a LOT of us who are excited to see her fabric in your new store! Can't wait!

  2. I think her new line is gorgeous! I can't wait for you to get her fabric line in your shop either. I'm a local and am so excited about your shop!!

  3. I see rays of light shooting out of your head. Sometime I will get you a lunch date with Anna Maria. If you promise not to pee your pants. :-)