Thursday, July 14, 2011

Human Sander

It has been interesting (to say the least) trying to juggle 4 kids - all boys for that matter- summer time, trying to sell our home and starting a new business. Anytime I need to go to the shop I either have to pack them all up or get a baby sitter. Most of the time though.....they come with me. The last time we were at the shop Max (pictured below) was running around in the hall and hit his head on the corner of the wall so hard we had to take him to get it stitched up. That all happened while I was meeting the Moda rep. Talk about professional....

Here is Max again, wanting to help sand the floor so he put the machine sander around him and rolled around. At least we can give him points for being creative!
And yes...I just said sand the floor. Here it is. Isn't it beautiful?! 4 layers and tar later, there she lies. The final sand happened today and the staining. I can't wait to have it all finished.
We also have finished the fireplace. It looks AMAZING! It will still be a little while before the whole place gets fully painted and you can see the style and feel really come out but for the mean time think - Anthropologie meets Restoration Hardware.

Today I was at the shop three times and I'm proud to report no injuries. That is a feat. I will end on that good note. Please feel free to continue to post comments in my "suggestion" box from my last post. Its always great to get others opinions and ideas.


  1. Can't wait to see more pics! WISHING I could make it out for the tour - uggh. I have a good excuse though, promise!