Saturday, November 17, 2012

Small Business Saturday Is Next Week

Dear fellow fabric aficionados, 

We'd like to remind you that next Saturday, November 24th, is Small Business Saturday. Did you know that 89% of consumers believe that small businesses contribute positively to their local community?* This is your chance to take back the big spending that goes into large corporate companies, and circulate your money throughout your local community. Small businesses like ours can sometimes struggle to compete with the big companies that offer those wild, reduced prices for a short period of time. We work hard at what we do to bring you the best that our shops can offer. We know that you recognize our solid attempts and we appreciate that! 

We are having a "BOGO" event on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday - while you are out shopping, come visit us and find that our books are buy one, get one half off. This excludes books that are currently on sale. 

Fabric Nosherie will be open from 10am-4pm, and we hope that you will support us as a small business. It's your love and generosity and creativity that keep us going strong.  

*Consumer Pulse, July 2011

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