Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's been a while!

We have been so busy lately I've had no time to post! Between the fabric bounce and abundance of classes, time has sped by - I can't believe summer is approaching so fast! The store is decked out with a lot of wonderful, new fabrics - if you haven't visited us lately, come check them out!!

Most of you know we had our ShopHop on March 29th-31st and it was great! It's always nice to see SO many familiar faces drop in as well as newbies! And if you were lucky enough to be an early bird, you walked away with some deals! Thanks to all who stopped by!

Speaking of summer being around the corner, our May schedule is now out! See which of the various classes interests you, possibly the multitasker bag?

Also, I am excited to announce that we will be hosting a summer camp for kids! What better way for them to stay cool this upcoming season than to develop and/or advance their sewing skills? Stay tuned for more info!

Not only do we have new fabrics, but also fresh projects displayed throughout the store. Our first block of the month starts in May! Here's a sneak peak of what we've got so far - come in to see and find out more:

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