Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I've been spending my time doing....

I've been working so much this summer that we haven't been able to do much as a family. I decided a weekend trip to Chicago was in order. We had a great time. My mom came with us to join in on the fun. We visited Shedd's Aqarium, The Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry (a crowd favorite), went to the beach, went up in the Willis Tower aka Sears Tower (who changes the name of a famous building?!?!), ate at Gino's East Pizza and of course visited IKEA. Made a haul for the shop! It was great to get away with my favorite guys (and mom).The day after we returned from Chicago my Max boy slammed his finger in the back door of a friends house. He cut the entire tip of his finger off. I won't go into detail in the chance you're reading this while eating, but it was pretty serious. Here is my trooper at the ER. He was amazing, and so strong. He handled the pain so incredibly well. Two days later he had surgery to try to repair the finger. They couldn't reattach the tip but they are trying to "regrow" it. Who knew you could regrow a finger. He has another surgery next week.School started yesterday. My two oldest are in full day and the little blonde is hooraying that he gets mom all to himself. Cute kid. And as if I'm not doing anything else...we're moving this week. My good friend Laura Gunn is moving to DC for two years and asked us to move in and remodel her home. Isn't it crazy how everything happens at once? Oh, and yes, I'm still opening up a shop. So if you're wondering why I haven't updated many pictures of the shop as of know why. Sigh, now back to packing up boxes.

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  1. Wow!! Nothing like a ton of major life changes...all at once. hang in there friend!