Monday, June 20, 2011

Golden Ticket Tour

I've had some very excited women ask me about the golden bus tour. Since I don't have my web site up yet (tapping fingers "patiently") I thought I could answer some of them on my blog.

Here are some bullet items that will be of importance...

~ Bring an extra suitcase for all the beautiful fabrics and kits you're going to buy ;)

~ There are two people per room. Yes, you may pick your roommate if you desire.

~ You will start and stop at Fabric Nosherie

~ The times are still yet to be announced but once they are I will let those of you who will be riding the bus know.

~ Fabric Nosherie has a surprise or two instore for you while you are on your tour.........oh, the suspense!!

If you are interested please email me at I will respond to your emails. Sorry there is no site up yet.

How do you like my new window display? I thought it was pretty amazing. Now if they could only sit still for more then 3 seconds....

Here is the demo work that is being done at the shop. The boys LOVE going and banning hammers through the wall. We knocked down 6 half walls. Pretty impressive for this young crew. I was thinking of renting them out by the hour. If you're interested, just let me know. :)

More updates soon!

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